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Hello there Beloved, the time has come where I get to share with you something we have created to spread magic around the world and to truly allow you and all of the other beloveds who participate in the purchasing of a box to feel the joy, inspiration, love and, whatever else you may need at the moment to inspire your life and beautiful marvelous journey from here forward... Each of these boxes contain a few items that we believe will help you to feel love at the very least and, allow you to truly experience miracles... The items in these boxes are encoded with the very thing they are titled as. For example if you purchase a box of love the box will come encoded with just that LOVE, all boxes will include an assortment of items;all that are handmade and made with the most important ingredient of all, love. The more expensive boxes contain more powerful miracles and contain items for intensive, powerful healing. The lower priced items are for the ones who just need a little magic in their lives right now! Either way I encourage you to buy one and see what happens!! There is magic waiting for you to explore it...

 Love box

This box is for the beloveds who need some more love in their life… whether this means intimate love from a significant other of just more love in their day to day life. This box contains the magic needed to create that for them… Buy a box and see what happens!

Inspiration Box

This box is for the beloved’s that feel like they need a little bit more inspiration in their life. This box will help you to feel inspired and allow you to access new inspirations for your life and your work… You have the ability to be and do whatever you want to and the inspiration box can and will help you to discover just what it is that makes you glow.

Joy Box

The Joy box is made for the ones who want a little extra joy in their days. Sometimes life may seem overwhelming and stressful but, not everything is what it seems. When your life is inspired by joy there will be no need for stress. Let your life be inspired by joy and fun and you will never feel like you are working. knowing what brings you joy and honoring that will bring you much pleasure in this life. The Joy box is meant to create this for the ones who desire and honor the longing for joy in their everyday lives.

Self-love Box

You deserve love… you are an amazing being with a purpose on this planet. In order to fulfill your purpose you must honor this truth; realize just how magnificent you really are. You are worthy of love including the kind that you give to yourself. When you fall in love with yourself there is space for more love to flood in through you to be given back to the world. When love is the motivation anything can be achieved. This box will create this reality for you. Love is the most important thing in the universe and loving yourself is just as powerful.

Confidence box

Confidence and trust are so important. This box is meant for the ones who could use a little self esteem boost. When you feel good about yourself you are able to experience life in a more joyful way.In my opinion everyone deserves to feel confident. We are all so special in our own way and we must honor this. We are powerful, we are love, we are the light. This box will give you the love you need to feel confident… imagine a life without insecurities…

Grounding Box

The grounding box has tools included to ground you… There are many explorations happening in your life right now… some that may have you getting caught up in the whole experience but, this will cause you to spin out. When you are grounded in your work there is no way to get lost. This box will help you to root down into the earth and experience this life from a grounded state. YOU are infinite beloved.

Miracle Healing Box

Everyone experiences life differently. We love the life we have today because it is the product of all of our experiences, mistakes, victories and challenges. This life is a true masterpiece for all. However some may have some wounds that need healing to help with further growth and expansion for this life. If you beloved feel you need healing in order to move forward in this life… if it feels like you are stuck right now there is something that needs to be healed within you to free you of this burden. This box will transform your life. You beloved deserve this. You deserve the world. You deserve to be healed and set free.

Intensive Healing Box

This box is made for the beloveds that need serious help in some or all aspects of their life. These beloveds may be feeling helpless stuck lost scared and many other stifling feelings which may be leading to serious crisis in their life right now… If you think you need radical transformation this box is for you. 

Miracle Boxes

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