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Homemade play-doh made with extra love!... We love play-doh in our house and I think a lot of people feel the same way. We have a special way of making it though that we want to share with you!! We pulled up a play dough recipe this is the one we used however we did modify it to fit our preferences. 
Heres a list of some of the modifications we made.
-Use organic flour 
-Coconut oil instead of canola/vegetable oil
-all natural food dye of course (target) 
-We also tripled the recipe to make all the colors of the rainbow because we love all of the colors not just one... 
Our favorite part of  play dough making is once we finish we love to scent our play dough with essential oils this creates playful aromatherapy. We like to match the scent to the color for example the pink dough would be rose scented... 
Elijahs favorite part is mixing all of the colors so of course we dedicated some dough to that and the color that it turned out to be was brown!! We didn't really know what color to scent that one... 

We can't wait to see all of your play dough... if you make any tag us in your post! We would love to see your creations! also use #highvibelife

Lot's of love and joy to you! 


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