I am loved... was created to provide the space for parents to feel inspired to create the most organic, beautiful, raw, uninfluenced childhood for their children. We Think the most important thing for life is love. We want you to fall in love with the imperfections of this life, be in the moment and just live every single day in full presence and awareness of all of the beautiful gifts that surround us. We think the magic of this life lay in the eyes of the young. It is our responsibility to foster, nurture and, encourage the wonder, imagination and creativity of these precious beings.  We call out to you to come learn, share and grow for the future of the children our most precious gifts.



 High Vibe Kids!


 High Vibe Life!

Healing videos for children and  Teens...

Magic, Wonder, Innocence...


In Nature...

Teaching the children to appreciate and love this earth and all that it provides and sustains

(Appreciation and Gratitude)

  Centering and Focus...

Encouraging them to Trust their intuition and feelings as well as encouraging them to ask for what they need when they need it. 


Discovery and exploration...

Allowing the children to discover and find what and who they are. Their interests, passions and hobbies all of which serve and foster creativity and expression


 Comfort in growth...

Letting the child lead and us following them into the depths of what they want to learn, and when they want to learn it. ALLowing space for the comfort needed for growth at their own pace.


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